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Natural pest control in organic growing

01 Jul 2016 by Rob Alcock

Pest control in organic growing [read more]


National Insect Week at Sheepdrove

21 Jun 2016 by Ellie Bunn

National Insect Week at Sheepdrove [read more]


In praise of Parsley

25 Apr 2016

In praise of Parsley [read more]


Lambing 2016

04 Apr 2016

The start of lambing 2016 [read more]


Organic Meat and Milk IS Different

18 Feb 2016

Organic Meat and Milk IS Different [read more]


Winter Conservation

10 Feb 2016

Winter Birds and Wildlife at Sheepdrove [read more]


January at Sheepdrove

01 Feb 2016

[read more]


Organic is Different

30 Oct 2015

A new scientific paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that there are [read more]


Calving time

30 Oct 2015 by Meg Walters

The pros can cons of indoor vs outdoor calving and putting animal welfare first. [read more]


Weaning time for lambs

17 Aug 2015 by Meg Walters

We've started the noisy process of weaning the first of our lambs this week. The ewes are split off [read more]


Piglets at Sheepdrove

03 Jun 2015 by Meg Walters

Pigs are a delight to keep and when provided with everything they need to behave naturally are the [read more]


Lambing at Sheepdrove

03 Apr 2015 by Meg Walters

The sight of fluffy lambs bouncing about in the sunshine is the first real sign of spring for many p [read more]


The decline of farmland birds

14 Feb 2015 by Meg Walters

On Sunday 8th February; presenter Ellie Harrison’s report on BBC's Countryfile about farmland birds [read more]


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