21st June 2016

National Insect Week at Sheepdrove

By Ellie Bunn

National Insect Week

This week on the farm we are celebrating National Insect Week. The week is designed to encourage people of all ages to learn more

about insects and raise awareness of these very important creatures and how they keep nature running smoothly.

Insects and Farming

Being an organic farm we rely on a wide range of insects. These little creatures are all critical to the eco-system of our organic farm, providing food for wildlife, ensuring pollination, contributing to soil health, and preying on crop pests. We carry out seasonal surveys on butterflies and bumblebees and are pleased to have identified 13 different species of Bumblebee on the farm.

Events Bug Safari

We kicked off insect week by hosting a Bug Safari event here at the eco-conference centre. The afternoon was well attended by adults, kids and grandparents; there really was something on offer for everyone. We started off on the butterfly bank with bugs pots and sweep nets in hand. Everyone had a go at catching insects along the way and they were all identified by our expert entomologist. There was lots to be seen from Small Blue butterflies, Millipedes and Crickets.

We then climbed aboard the tractor and trailer for a short tour of the farm looking at the grass rich meadows, hedgerows and field margins all which contribute to the diverse range of insects we host on the farm. To finish off the day the children had a go at making their very own insect hotels to take home with them. In the conference centre we had insect specimens available to look at under our digital microscope. Everyone had a great day.

If you are interested in more events like this coming up please see our events page