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Our Organic Free-range Ducks and Goose

Free-range Aylesbury Duck

Organic free-range duck is a very special thing. Sheepdrove is one of very few meat suppliers producing organic duck. Aylesbury duck has a plump round body, snowy white feathers, and soft orange feet and bill. This duck is bred specifically for its delicious meat and is growing in its popularity as a refreshing change at the dinner table.

It's a Duck's Life

We buy our day old ducklings from a trusted local organic supplier. The ducklings are kept in a large airy barn under heat lamps for around three weeks, until their feathers start to grow. While they are inside they are fed on organic chick-crumb mixed with home-grown wheat to ensure they receive all the nutrients and vitamins they need for good health.

We blend the crumb to stop them growing too quickly and damaging their legs. At six weeks they have the freedom to roam around the paddocks and hedgerows which are enriched with herbs and clovers. At night they are gathered back into straw filled barns to protect them from aerial predators, as the field is fox proof.  Ducks love to swim, so we provide them with small ponds which are placed around the field so they can enjoy a nice dip whenever them choose.

Our organic free-range duck has a decadent gamey flavour with a rich dark meat.

A Traditional Goose

Sheepdrove rear one of the oldest breeds of domestic goose; the Emden. It is a large bird that produces succulent meat. Geese are expert foragers and enjoy nothing better than wandering across the paddocks grazing on herbs, grass and insects and they will make a meal out of almost anything.

As they graze across the pasture, they will pull up weeds, and on the continent are commonly used on vineyards for their weed control measures. Our geese have crisp snowy white plumage, an orange bill and blue eyes. We buy our day old goslings from a trusted organic supplier. They are kept in a large, airy barn under heat lamps for around 3 weeks until feathered up.

Once they're strong enough to be 'off lamp' they are let out into small grassy areas so they can acclimatise to their surroundings. The goslings are fed on an organic chick-crumb blended with home-grown milled wheat to ensure they receive all of the nutrients and vitamins they need for good health.

They are then gradually introduced to the poultry field- forty acres of meadow grass, interspersed with agroforestry, which are long strips of trees and hedges.

Once let out here they require no supplementary feed until late autumn as they graze all day long. They love to roam around the hedgerows and can wander miles in their 'gaggle'. At night they are returned to their sheds and let out again at first light. There are small ponds within the field so they can swim and bathe, as they would naturally.

Our organic free-range goose has a rich, luxurious flavour, perfect for any indulgent feast. Available for Christmas and some frozen stock is available throughout the year.


How to find us

For directions using Sat Nav or Google Maps always enter 'Sheepdrove Road, Lambourn' and then follow the signs to Sheepdrove Organic Farm and/or Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre.  The best option is to click here for driving directions from the East, West via M4 (via junction 14) or from the North via A34.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Sheepdrove Road, Lambourn, Berkshire, RG17 7UU, United Kingdom